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The word "Trust" in the business

Wednesday, 13/03/2013, 16:42 GMT+7

Prestige in the "Dictionary of English", explained the real news, not false. And Prestige in business do like? In real life as well as in business, Credit is the trust (at least ) between two entities - person with other enterprises with large businesses rather than between a person with many people, a business-to-business ... It is no coincidence that we have faith in you friends or reputable businesses with other businesses.

Prestige began in commitments. Between the two promised each other, despite difficult obstacles but still do what was promised. So we already have the information with you. Between businesses, committed to economic contract. It includes many of the most important terms that (now done) as price, quantity, quality and delivery deadlines. (Please just talk about what to do to get the word Faith).

In the market mechanism, every commodity is listed prices but prices fluctuate. As such, requires businesses to stay up to date pricing information, supply of raw materials, auxiliary materials, fuel, unit labor costs and other expenses ... that not only in the country. From new construction has cost structure and offer products signed by the unit price (price) contract. To ensure product quality and delivery time, the department plans to master the production capacity of the enterprise (and skilled labor, equipment, workshops, etc.) with the objective conditions (electricity, water, fuel, supplies, etc.). From here will be progress. If the delivery schedule, sufficient quantity, quality assurance, enterprises have built the first prestige with customers.

With commercial enterprises are also aftermarket business methods. Means goods purchased by the customer periodically after sales care. On time (rain or sun) and not-for-profit, corporate employees to warranty, maintenance of goods such as caring for oneself. So he caused the reputation of the business in your heart.

All that said just the theory is the fact? Market tied to economic profit. To accumulate profits there are many ways, such implementation to analysis through small orders college. This approach takes time and patience. Business investment and market research to find out more "exclusive items" Create a high profit ...

And in fact, businesses generate high returns in a short time through the reduction of production costs unwarranted. Reducing labor costs, management costs, savings in production in order to reduce production costs is difficult, many businesses have chosen to purchase raw materials at low prices. Because raw materials accounted for 70% of the value of this product should work has made a significant difference between the selling price and production cost.

There are now seeking to reduce the level of raw materials, auxiliary materials to lower production costs. For example, in the automobile industry just reduce some of "zem" the size of the religion as tires, has significantly reduced the price that consumers did not have feelings. Businesses have lower standards of steel framed or leave some safety equipment (with explanation in Vietnam not needed) ...

Thus generate real profits for businesses but create bad quality goods, affect consumers.

Recalled nearly two decades ago, many garment factories in Nhue three-layer wind produces thousands of shirts with beautiful designs to Russia and Eastern Europe but on the inside lining of dried water hyacinth (!). This has seriously violated the terms of product quality in the contract. In ancient times, the buzzing bat because integration was not, even today, especially when Vietnam into the WTO, the standardization and quality control of products so easily. Any dispute not resolved will be brought to court there will be no place of refuge for the trick in business. If businesses deliberately deceived, it is difficult to do for the second time. Dangerous than they have lost their prestige.

Speaking Prestige reminded me immediately to a habit of the Vietnamese people. The thing is I put the newspaper business through a business service. In the beginning, they were very good report, but macadam three months and saw the lack of notice or backordered. When asked, answered: "I sympathize because you put too much toxic newspaper", or "For us new for employees to report and result in losses. Hope your feeling"!. At long familiar hit two from sympathetic to justify the implementation of the commitment. Why sympathy when his wrong doing damage to me?

Strict compliance with the commitment not only limited to the responsibilities of the Board of Directors, the management, but also the responsibility of each official and employee. Economic contracts signed between companies and customers must be considered ordinances that people have to make. Any plans to set up is still just a theory due to the fact that always arise the problems affecting the delivery schedule. Therefore, the relaxation shift, overtime in the factories and garment exports is "trivial." Course will be accompanied by an increase in costs for employees (even holiday pay must be calculated with a factor of 2 ), increased management costs, electricity costs, water for production. thus will significantly reduce corporate profits, but still have to do.

Another example of the business there is always the risk that corporate directors must take into account. With the garment industry, in the dry season to measure the unexpected power cut. If there is no backup plan, you will not have enough product to delivery. And if the delivery is not on time, they will be returned, fined contract. (But no smile sue delete "May your sympathy for the you generally dry outage"! So many businesses to retrofit or to rent electric generator production, although this cost the team the cost products, even shipment loss.

Just because a commitment to the life and death to make. So now know the importance Prestige. Say so far do businesses create a brand in the market.

Now exists only to keep the Prestige. And once lost, ... will bring it thousands of times.


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