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Friday, 16/09/2011, 21:01 GMT+7

Products with shell spoon of Religious Literature also be present in the luxurious restaurant in the 5-star hotel in Europe.

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Opportunity from Crisis

Le Thanh Hung, Director of Trade Company - ATL Services (specializing in providing supply chain solutions, logistics) optimistic about the prospects for expanding its activities in the future.

Hung said the U.S. government to tighten security measures for imported goods, so the country imports set higher requirements for transport companies, companies operating in the field logistic. Specifically, from the Program's anti-terrorism Security U.S. Customs (C-TPAT), the import requirements of Vietnam transport company has to hold the vehicle's operating schedule. "They want to ensure containers are always in a state of safety, avoid being sealed off ... should need to have solutions that meet, not merely to buy a global positioning device (HELP) attached on, "Hung explains.

Explain your product, Hung explained, "It is not simply where container management vehicle, which the importer at the end of every American needs to know where they are and when they can be sold in supermarkets. We always provide solutions to business can be managed to the extent that inventory is moving to distributors or retailers, or need to sell immediately because almost all date ... ".

Perhaps, as investors track and understand the trends, it's ATL Hung Company is busy pre orders for 2011.

Adhering to the difference

Similarly ATL, NTN Corporation (Dong Nai) - a small business specializing in producing flower pots and chairs with composite as well as in a state not in export orders, even to refuse because the capacity does not meet needs. Nguyen Van Nhan, deputy director for NTN Corporation, 2010, the company grew 30% and this year will be even more positive development.

People have connected with import and export business while working in the ceramics industry in the late '90s. Recognizing the need to use a flower pot of European consumers are extremely large, while that appears a plastic composite material is that in Vietnam at that time not many people know, People and you have bravely investment. NTN is the difference of investing in pioneering new fields: as a flower pot, followed by conposit furniture and NTN have been accepted by the market. Initial European customers, then spread to America and now Japan market opportunity is substantial.

It is through this difference is produced from shell buttons, pearl shell that Ton Van Company (Pacific) well developed, while the textile market difficulties. Mr. Ton Thanh Nghia, director of small businesses said sales from a few thousand dollars now exceed $ 1 million. From where are customers of Taiwan, Japan, Ton Van has now become partners of the more familiar big brand in Europe as BerBrand, Burberry, Hugo Boss. Products with shell spoon of Religious Literature also be present in the luxurious restaurant in the 5-star hotel in Europe. "I feel proud every time to see the fashion show in Paris (France) or Milan (Italy) because that is the splendid costumes have other beads made ​​in Vietnam. Little time, but it is proving the place of Vietnamese goods in the global value chain, "said Nghia said.

Hard to imagine, snail shells, shell removed to take the million dollars a year for this business. But witnessing a snail shell, pearl shell roughened through 27 stages, under the skillful hands and a hard worker, understand that, understand the effort is worth paying the price.

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