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CEO Ton Van shell button Co.,LTD: Example of energy from life

Monday, 09/09/2013, 10:05 GMT+7

( - Formerly the production facility Buttons Ton Van, was established in 1997 with main products are buttons made ​​from shells, seashells, the company has confirmed its prestige and its position with clients in the market "most difficult" as Hong Kong, Japan, Europe, ... and has always been rated as one of the buttons produced by the world's top shell.

Looking at her brilliant success, few people know is standing behind Ton Van is a great great tree of life and dreams with his desire to craft - he Ton Thanh Nghia, a son of the soil Quang Nam settle in Saigon 30 years ago.

Until 1997, even starting on the cramped loft in the small winding alleys, but he has collected the thoughts of the natural world for application in manufacturing buttons to create a unique product from the original shell, mussels, snails (also known as pearl buttons).

Although the first steps that he met many obstacles such as broken product, returned goods or restrictions on production tools. But in the will, confidence and knowledge advantage of a hydraulic engineer (Polytechnic University of Ho Chi Minh City), he was tinkering learn and succeed in making the machines at a cost by rational technique is simple but quality not inferior to imported products together.

Over the long term development efforts, the Company Button in Austria Ton Van has been equipped with many modern machines imported from Italy, such as: automatic button making machine, square hole drilling machine, Laser engraving machine on the particle surface and the thickness of the button ...

"Everything started nan", the issue of technical equipment has to resolve the difficulties the company launched in the domestic market. Capital and language proficiency by learning about Japanese customs, meaning he again launched bold intention: Business buttons products in the Japanese market.

Although the first time, the product has not been received by processing techniques are rudimentary, but thanks to shoddy spirit of learning, reform of production, training for skilled workers, buttons Ton Van has received the support of consumers and have a strong foothold, long-term in the UK, France, USA, Italy, Japan, Germany, Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea.

To this day, many obstacles to overcome thorns, Ton Thanh Nghia he helped brand Ton Van buttons conquered the fashion apparel company most difficult in the world, such as Hugo Boss, Dior, adidas, Van Laack, Oui, Escada, Ralph Lauren ... Especially in the biggest fashion shows in Paris, New York, Milan, Tokyo, Ton Van is a Vietnamese single product is mounted on the outfit elegant and very expensive.


However, people often have questions "Whose house is not sacred." Currently, Ton Van buttons only accounted for 10% of the products for most domestic garment enterprises and exporters in Vietnam. Therefore, after 16 years of establishment, Ton Van nostalgia still agonizing over how we can get a firm position in the domestic market and delete aversion "ancillary industry in the country is still Clothing weak "Vietnam's enterprises.

Through the ups and downs of life notes, though became the big boss has breakthrough business idea of ​​a 10,000 m2 large company with about 100 employees, but he Thanh Nghia Ton always look forward to join hands contribute to make the world a better place through charity trip in Hue and Da Nang.

Having had a time in the land of the rising sun so in the past 10 years, he has been associated with a number of good doctors Japanese organized programs cleft palate surgery at University Hospital and Quang Nam Hue Medical School to literally bring smiles to unfortunate circumstances have defects in the body.

To deserve the title of a series that the company achieved "cultural entrepreneur", "Product Award 2009 quality reputation by the Ministry of Science and Technology Certificate", "Products of the square shell buttons Top 100 products typical application of Science and Technology in 2008 by the Ministry of Science and Technology Certificate ", Ton Van commitment will continue to contribute to the development of manufacturing industries in particular buttons and fashion industry Vietnam in general.

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