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Luong Van Can Club Talent tour companies buttons Ton Van

Thursday, 21/06/2012, 13:35 GMT+7

On the morning of 16/6, members of the club's Talent Luong Van Can has a tour and learn about the production process of shell buttons, shells ... Ton Van shell button Co., Ltd.

The delegation received a very enthusiastic welcome from the company. Mr. Ton Thanh Hoai, deputy technical director of the company has dedicated guide the actual production process from selecting buttons, material handling, plastic buttons, distributed thickness, drilled, sanded , engraved on demand ... to go to order products.

During nearly two hours to visit the plant, union members go from surprise to surprise others. We're really impressed with the engineering machinery by the research firm, as well as improve the way that companies interested in health and life of employees.

After touring the factory, we had a cordial talk with the director and the company is now also blessed with a clientele of Japanese companies involved.

Through this talk, we got a lot of shared intimacy between Mr. Ton Thanh Nghia, general director. He shared, he believes the word "grace" but must always be prepared for when they know that the grace to accept and decide on the selection.

Business button is also the grace of his youth vay.Voi visit the company on that day, he did not hesitate to assert reckless qualities brought him to success today.

He said: "Youth are allowed mistakes, so you must know the risks and find the road less traveled to make it". When you see us marvel at the company's products, he laughed: "I was surprised to discover the beginning of that".

Excursions Ton Van company is beginning a new journey of discovery of CLBTNLVC. We have to discover the most effective approach for the domestic market the company hopes Ton Van solve problems that concern the company for nearly 15 years since its establishment recently. As Ton Van companies, we really want the same company can "Bringing nature into Vietnamese fashion."

Some images in Ao Ton Nut Company Limited Literature:

Picture: Tony Ho

Written : Hồng Trang – Thành viên CLB TNLVC