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"Mr Buddha" bring a smile

Monday, 10/09/2012, 11:16 GMT+7

TT - Many Vietnamese people have called Dr. Tadashi Yamamoto is "Mr Buddha". Because he has brought smiles to their children through the cleft lip surgery, free cleft palate for hundreds of children ...

Business card of Dr. Tadashi Yamamoto (Professor doctor at the hospital in Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture, Japan) strange: the letters Braille (Braille) lies parallel to the printed word, so that even the blindmarketing may also contact you when needed. And also with attention, because the patient was 18 years, 68-year-old doctor every year to Vietnam to free medical treatment to more than 500 children from North to South.


"I was born and grew up in the countryside in Japan, just like where I came in Vietnam, where there are children with cleft lip and social rejection. Therefore, I understand very well the sadness of the children and the parents too! "Dr. Yamamoto started the conversation with us through the words said. Because of this empathy, 2-3 times a year on he Yamamoto own pocket, to buy tickets, go to the countryside, high mountains in Vietnam to free plastic surgery for kids cleft lip, cleft palate. At the same time, he also offered to each child and 300,000. With severe social prejudice in remote areas of children with cleft lip, can say he did help change the lives of hundreds of poor unfortunate baby. From only gazing quietly, fleeing when meeting strangers, now when shooting, child also excitedly hugged him, looking straight at the camera smiling with perfect pleasure.

But not just that, after completing the job, off white blouse and a stethoscope, the man with a kindly face continues to put on his clown's hat, red nose loudly and yourselfperforming magic for you see, make him laugh fallen admiration. Ms. Nguyen Thi Vang (a people with the surgeon in Tam Ky, Quang Nam) said: "Let me here as Mr. Yamamoto as his buddha. He kindly, very cute, loves kids. "

Yamamoto doctor visits for patients


"The doctor does not mean that the only cure"

"If the doctor just stared at the large hospitals, rich treat patients, they will not feel fully responsible for their importance to society"


Not only cure, regularly too, Dr. Yamamoto himself for the medical equipment from hospitals, friends in Japan and sent to Vietnam. Receiving device and then, do not move soon, he was careful to hire inspectors, thoroughly repaired wires, bulbs, complete the testing process operating machinery then moved to Vietnam . The number sent to the device so far a total of six container, worth more than $ 10 billion. For example, General Hospital of Quang Nam province was he given additional support equipment for the operating room with complete surgical lamps, surgical beds, anesthesia machines, EKG machines in 2002, far after 10 year, the device is still working well and has helped strengthen hospital surgery from about 3,000 to nearly 10,000 cases.

Even in the way health care, Dr. Yamamoto also transfer point, handing very clear: "I do not want the Vietnamese doctors standing should always be done with one section at a time, so they knowthese techniques and can do it even without me. "Specifically, over the past 18 years, Dr. Yamamoto has become a respected teacher of several generations of Vietnamese doctors in Quang Nam General Hospital, Hue University School of Medicine, Institute of molars central Hanoi. .. Not only that, with its annual prestigious Mr. Tadashi Yamamoto, are invited to the team of doctors, students practice from Toyohashi Hospital (Japan), Chonbuk University (South Korea) seek medical treatment at remote provinces of Vietnam.

"If the doctor just stared at the large hospitals, rich treat patients, they will not feel fully responsible for their importance to society and is not experiencing the infinite emotion whenreceived very sincere feelings of the poor, "Mr. Yamamoto said. Maybe so, but in the group, he often preferred for many young doctors, as an opportunity for them to experience life closest to patients in rural areas. Many people have returned to Vietnam many times, from when I was a student at a doctor in the hospital.

Small house of a big heart

Many people when looking at activities of Mr. Yamamoto in Viet Nam often think he must have been a millionaire, even a billionaire in Japan. At one knows whether it is a well-known professor, he and his wife lived in a modest apartment tiny collective, where all the pictures and photos (souvenirs Vietnam donors) must be re-ken tight in the attic floor, can not hang up because there is no wall around large enough.

"My home in Japan is very small, but okay, I have a big family in Vietnam!" He said humor. But in fact, nearly all of the money for which he will devote to health care, purchase of equipment sent to Vietnam. Even now, though retired for three years, only a meager pension, weak health, he ignored the advice can, every day looking for ways chat chiu, annual expenditure pocket money to Vietnam to work, relentless examination. "For me, the biggest reward is the smiles of children, that is enough!" - Gentle smile said.

Professor Yamamoto (No. 5, right to) Mr. Ton Thanh Nghia (No. 3, right to) Japanese delegation physician, Korea to Quang Nam in 2006.


In everyone's eyes

Benefactor of the family

Dr. Yamamoto is the benefactor of the whole family. With its defects, it is a girl, sometimes evening dishwashing sitting behind the child tears because unhappy, even my parents are very sad and worried about my future husband . However, when the doctor and cure me, slowly I was able to speak, eat and feel much more confident, because I have become a normal person in society. You know your country is poor and much defects as this, so I look forward to Dr. Yamamoto and his friends will help more people to be happy like me.

NINH THỊ MỸ LINH (a patient in Quang Nam)

Grateful for the love Viet Nam

I first met Mr. Yamamoto going to translate for physician groups in Ben Tre, then I ventured to suggest to him about my country to help children in Tien Phuoc, Quang Nam. Thought is said to play, to our surprise, after he carrying backpacks through Vietnam, Tien Phuoc to treatment and stick always after 18 years. I feel respected and most grateful to Mr. Yamamoto Vietnam is love, he does everything for Vietnam with the respect and care very attentive, especially, and of course never requires any offset or reputation.

(a regular army accompanied
Mr. Yamamoto's health care programs for 18 years

A good doctor and virtuous

For more than 10 years of, Dr. Yamamoto support for our many hospital equipment, medical equipment service of treatment, contributing to improving the quality of service up. In particular, due to the annual Group of doctors to the hospital for surgery for patients with cleft lip, cleft palate should also somehow transfer this technique for our doctors. Can say, Mr. Yamamoto is a very good doctor and virtuous professional. Hundreds of kids here are all smiles thanks to the generous help of Dr. Tadashi Yamamoto.

(Director General Hospital in Quang Nam)

I called the doctor as teacher

I was a student in Japan, happened to know Dr. Yamamoto in Japan and received the help of many doctors. When I met him, I began to think about why a foreign stranger to heart care to poor children so unhappy in their own country, while I was Vietnamese, do not much. So, every time a doctor to Vietnam for charity that I would leave, leave behind all of the work to follow as a "leg" secretary. I called the doctor as teacher, because through the trip, he taught me a beautiful lesson about love and share in this life.