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Beautiful house with interesting art recycling products

Monday, 25/06/2012, 22:23 GMT+7

Items that are "warehouses" are formal arrangements. Besides the previous items of Vietnam is the Art Deco-style dishes, and Chinese style. And in particular, the diversity does between items that are handmade from recycled materials are unique, interesting.

It's hard, but sometimes can not be assigned, and Lisa's apartment Binh style. But the most visible, is the loving care, care little, creating a comfortable non dependent binding in the living space of apartment owners.

Lisa Rosenthal is an American woman, studied sculpture and art history have traveled and lived in Asia for 20 years. Lisa's husband is Binh, an artist in Vietnam. They are all Blue Dragon specializes in selling handicrafts, fashion from recycled materials. Because the origin and diversity, should not be surprising to see the full quality "west-ta" in their home.

Furniture in the house they were selected on the basis of the couple's passion. Rooms are doubles office. Around the house, everywhere to see paintings, sculptures, silk, furniture, fine art items, pictures and books. The highlight of the house, is the unique product of the Blue Dragon is present in place of it. This is also a way for them to show that the design is very creative and fun into their lives is how to use. These units are bearing shells recycled from feed bags look very striking and interesting. Vase made from buttons. Frames are made from computer keyboard, motherboard. Trifle bowl bowl, glasses frames are made from paper magazine. The fashion items such as wallet, backpack, laptop bag, travel bag is made from the poster in hi-flex, including animal feed.

Thin both spouses age, thus creating the dragon is seen as a major theme in decorating their homes. These items of furniture collections by Binh Vietnam. Lisa brought home the Art Deco style map. Besides, there are strange items, like the classical French style bed frame with hanging screens, shelves for kids Chinese certified small items.

In the home of Lisa and Binh there are some works of artists Vu Dan Tan. Lisa said, many years, when she came to visit Hanoi have Natasha salon, gallery artist Vu Dan Tan. He and his wife travel, if an item is something strange, that they seek Corinthians it home. Like last year, during a trip to the village of the Dao in the north, they met the drums, it has sought to buy one. And now the drum is a great item, reminiscent of the beautiful trip. Lisa said, the items important to us as it has personal meaning, we "have to" How to it.

Living room with wood furniture old Vietnam-style, the design of the Blue Dragon products.

Ministry of Art Deco-style lounge room, the pillows and flower pots plastic, recycled paper.

Shower Art Deco style dishes, vases of paper Blue Dragon, the dragon made from recycled metal.

Singer Rock 'n' Roll frog made of recycled metal from motorcycle parts

Vase by buttons.

Details of the design on recycled paper.

Frames and boxes with recycled computer keyboard.

Blue Dragon 1B Bui Vien Street, District 1 with fashion, fine art products from recycled materials

Photo: David Dinh
translation: Hoang Son

Written : Sarah Nguyễn