Story of a button

Tune with the character lines from buttons and beads

Thursday, 14/03/2013, 13:42 GMT+7

( - simple materials as buttons and beads, you can decorate your necklace becomes magic, charm and very cute!

You need to prepare the following materials:

- Cuc with stylized flowers, round buttons, ... Should choose sparkling daisies start

- Beaded white teardrop shaped transparent and add a contrasting color buttons

- Necklace

- For bending zinc yarn accessories jewelry

- Mini Pliers

Step 1:

Cut the short zinc 5cm - 7cm, pierced through a hole in the chrysanthemum flower and circle, folded zinc and wrap one end of the rope round around long fibers zinc.

Step 2:

Zinc hook head rest on the necklace. First you hook 5 evenly spaced flowers 2cm on the necklace. Then hook the round button with zinc length shorter than the flowers and interspersed among the flowers. Rose flower in the middle of can alternate two round buttons.








Step 3:

Pierced zinc in the first beads teardrop shaped and wrapped the zinc on the shaft along a few rounds, the left beads color you can wrap the enclosed stylized sharp part of beads, looks like a station covered buds, the radio bending round a hook to be able to hook it to the necklace.

Crocheted beaded throughout the rest of the chrysanthemum flower.

Step 4:

Colored beads left hook sets in addition to the flowers, it may be longer than the round buttons.









You can unleash your creativity alternating buttons and beaded designs on the principle of alternating patterns and length of daisies with beads on a regular basis!

Surprise when simple materials such as buttons and beads can create a type of line harmonics and so adorable!

Try a little careful with this type of line then, wish you success!

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