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Oysters appear more in O Loan Lagoon

Friday, 22/03/2013, 10:59 GMT+7

Fishermen along the O Loan lagoon oyster prepared to provide the market

(tonvanshellbuttons.com.vn) - In addition to oysters and seaweed, these days, oysters also appeared many in O Loan Lagoon (Yet An), concentrated in An Cu commune, An Hai and Security East generate income significant import for the fishermen in the coastal lagoon. Average day, a person can catch 20kg oysters, weighing about 35 units / kg, price from 12000-15000 / kg.

According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Tuy An district, oysters appear more so in 2012, the Center for Just and fisheries technical Phu Yen stocking over 400,000 oysters on the natural environment in O Loan lagoon and supports more than 310,000 children oyster seed for 17 households in An Hai and An Cu regional culture dress to recreate the same type of seafood object. After some time, the oysters grow well and reproduce.


Written : Phu Yen Online